Review of Your Business current offline and online presence:

We will evaluate your Business’s presence on the internet and offer you our custom recommendation on how best to invest your money for the best return possible.

 Do you have:

  •        A website?
  •        A Mobile optimized website?
  •        Social media presence, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc.
  •        Google Places optimized
  •        Do you use QR Codes
  •        Do you use mobile coupons
  •        How is your online reputation? Do you even know?
  •        Do you have pictures or video online?
  •        Do you have a Mobile APP?
  •     Do you have a list?
  •        And much more….


Mobile Phone APP’s:

Example Mobile APP

Mobile phones are taking over the world. Today there are more Mobile phones in the  world than there are PC’s. Here are some interesting statistics to keep in mind:

  •     Mobile phone owners have them with them 24/7
  •    Mobile phone owners are typically less than 10 feet away from their phone
  •   Mobile phone text messages get opened 95% of the time
  •   Mobile is the next wave and it is starting now.

LMMCHBS recommends that your business start using a Mobile APP as part of your Marketing Strategy. Let us show you how you can get on this wave before it passes you by. Remember the Internet back in the 90’s well Mobile will turn out to be even bigger than that as we move forward. We can show you the statistics and give you the reasons why you should have your own Mobile APP today.


Website recommendations:

We recommend every business have a website, even if it is a basic site to start out with.

It is important that you have and maintain an internet website. And today an optimized Mobile Phone website is even more important. More and more customers are using their mobile phones to search and even buy online. Mobile searches are now overtaking searches online.

Websites feature information about your business and your products or services, pictures of choice items, video(s), a full description in text with prices, an e-mail opt-in list for customers to receive electronic coupons, and online ordering capability. The opt-in list is very important since it not only builds your business a list it is an excellent way to build ongoing rapport with your customers.


QR Codes:

QR Code to http://lmmchbs.comQR Codes are becoming very popular. You may have seen these square symbols, (like the one above), they are showing up everywhere. We can set you up with your own custom QR Code(s) to help you improve your customer exposure.

 LMMCHBS recommends the design and maintenance of a custom QR code for your Business to increase traffic to the website and sign customers up for a Text Message list where they will receive custom coupons and offers designed to bring them in to the restaurant at predictable times and encourage them to purchase.

QR Codes, an an excellent way to engage customers. It takes the offline world and brings it online to offer more possibilities and increase profits.


Google Optimization:

Google is the big gorilla. They have jumped into the Local and Mobile market. They recently paid $12.5 Billion to purchase Motorola’s mobile division. Taking advantage of what Google can do to help your business can go a long way to increasing your bottom line.

It is important to get your Business properly set up on Google Places, and we can do it for you.


Reputation Management:

LMMCHBS recommends a comprehensive reputation management strategy. An in-store and online campaign to solicit positive reviews from customers would be utilized to increase, improve and protect your Business online from negative reviews. Thorough online reputation management, coupled with Google optimization would provide Your Business a positive and measurable online reputation.

While many customers do not leave a review, those who are disappointed in their experience do not hesitate to leave scalding lengthy negative reviews. It is important to nurture your reviews. We work with you to ensure your reviews on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, Bing and others are up to date and show your business in a favorable light. 


Search Engine Optimization:

LMMCHBS recommends a search engine optimization program that will place Your Business as prominently as possible in Google, Bing, Yelp and others to insure that customers find Your Business more often and with good reviews displayed.


Social Media Optimization:

LMMCHBS recommends setting up and maintaining a Facebook and Twitter fan page for Your Business. These pages to be updated weekly and utilized to entice customers in to Your Business. Using these resources can promote larger groups of customers to visit and spend.


Special Marketing Campaigns:

LMMCHBS recommends that Your Business use a text messaging campaign to bring diners in at predictable times and get them buying featured items. A specific text word would be used exclusive to Your Business to sign customers up for a weekly text message offer. 


Keeping Up With Ongoing Industry Changes:

The internet and marketing are continuously changing. What was hot last year is now expected, and as technology changes so to business marketing strategies need to change. Google for example updates their algorithms several times a year. While mobile phones are hot today, what will the next hot trend be. We work with a global team of experts to keep on top of these trends to ensure we offer the latest cutting edge services for our clients.


Customized Recommendation:

While we have presented many possible features here, not all of them may be the best for your business. After a careful review of your current business marketing strategies we would prepare a custom recommendation to best suit your individual needs.